Hi Dede!  I thought you would like to see Keiko and how she is growing.  She is doing pretty good with potty training.  She is very smart and learns routines quickly.  She is a lot of fun and full of energy.  Everyone is enjoying the heck out of her.    She has made friends with my horse.  She likes pawing at his nose and barks in play at him.  He likes to sniff her and he watches when we walk back in the woods.  I sent a picture of her after her bath.  She doesn't stay looking like that too long, but she sure is a beauty!  Another picture is when she crashed out after a full afternoon of play.  The other was last night when she decided is was cooler to lay on the desk and rest her head on my keyboard!  I hope you enjoy the pictures!  She is a wonderful addition to our family.  Thank you!

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